Dave Matthews Band new album, 'Away From the World,' debuts at number one

Dave Matthews Band new album, 'Away From the World,' debuts at number one

Bob Dylan's 'Tempest' also doing well.

Anyone who says rock is dead is dead wrong. Yes, the Dave Matthews Band is a bit of a hybrid, jammy-style of rock, but it's still rock -- and we still love it. How much? DMB's new album, Away From the World, hit the charts this week in the number one spot.

Not only that, but Bob Dylan is also doing great with his (phenomenal) new album, Tempest. Both albums are excellent, and well worth your time and money.I've been a Dave Matthews fan from the get go, but it's been forever since the last DMB album was released (three years, to be exact). I've listened to Away From the World several times now, and I think it's great. My favorite track (right now) is "Mercy," but I'm sure there will be others as the new music sinks in a little more.

Dave Matthews Band - Mercy

Any fellow Dave Matthews Band fans care to weigh in? Feel free to tell me what you think of the new album in the comments.

DMB rarely disappoints, and Away From the World is no exception. It's great that it debuted at number one, selling nearly 270,000 copies!

A few weeks, ago, I gushed about how much I adore Bob Dylan's latest effort, Tempest. I wasn't alone: This album, Dylan's 35th studio effort is selling very, very well. It's one of his best in recent decades, and it's wearing quite well so far. I'm not tired of it yet, and I like nearly every track on Tempest (this week, I'm loving "Narrow Way" and the title cut the most).

What's been your favorite rock album so far this year? Let's hear it, rock fans!