Led Zeppelin plans to release new DVD from 2007 reunion concert

Led Zeppelin plans to release new DVD from 2007 reunion concert

Fans should get very, very excited.

Last week, Led Zeppelin set tongues wagging when a mysterious photo of the number 5 popped up on the band's official Facebook page. What could this mean? The message was cryptic and simple. Within hours, everyone started wondering whether this meant the band was reuniting for a possible tour. At this time, that's not happening. But what is happening is great news for fans!

Each day, Led Zeppelin posted a countdown, from 5 to 1, and finally today, we learned what's going on. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. Sure, I'd love a reunion and a tour of course, but at this point, I'll take anything I can get. Read on to find out what's happening.On Wednesday, after posting the "1" photo on the official Led Zeppelin Facebook page, a video link to the Zeppelin song "Celebration Day" went up.

Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day

What does this mean? I'll tell you: It means that we, fellow Zep fans, can expect a brand new DVD of the December 10, 2007 concert at the O2 Arena in London!

And it gets better. According to Blabbermouth, plans are in the works for a brand new CD and a Blu-ray disc of the show. And guess what the CD and DVD will be titled? Yep: Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day. That's an understatement! As one who didn't win the (worldwide) lottery to attend the London show for Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, I've always envied those lucky fans who did win. Now, finally, we can all see for ourselves just how brilliant the gig really was!

Again, at this point, I can't find anything other than crazy message board Internet rumors about a Led Zeppelin reunion, so everyone just keep calm, carry on, and get ready for a new CD and DVD, possibly as early as November. Any news is good news where Led Zeppelin is concerned.

Fans, are you excited about getting a new CD and DVD of the 2007 Led Zeppelin reunion gig?