Neil Young and Crazy Horse are still electrifying live

Neil Young and Crazy Horse are still electrifying live

My first Neil Young show left me in awe.

After decades of fandom, I finally got the chance to see Neil Young live last night. Even better? The show was in my own hometown of Tuscaloosa! In short: Neil Young and Crazy Horse put on an amazing, blisteringly awesome two hour show that left me in total awe. And I have to also say that the opening act, the Alabama Shakes, should be on your radar, rock and blues fans.

I've got some videos I shot from the (so-called) cheap seats, and while they aren't quite as great as the clips I took at other recent shows (Avett Brothers, Gotye), you can definitely tell Neil Young is perfectly on point. Let's start with the song that nearly had me levitating with joy, "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)":

Neil Young Hey Hey My My (Into the Black)

Amazing, even from the "way back" seats (as my spouse likes to call them). For months, I'd waited eagerly for this show, knowing that I would adore Neil Young and thanking my lucky stars that my first NY show would be with Crazy Horse. I wasn't disappointed! Neil and Co ripped through a ton of big hits ("Powderfinger" was a huge highlight for me, as was the Buffalo Springfield classic "Mr. Soul") and the Godfather of Punk also treated us to an acoustic set that featured "The Needle and the Damage Done," one of my favorites ever.

Neil Young The Needle and the Damage Done

Sorry it was so shaky in the beginning, but I was SO excited.

We also got a few new songs last night, including "Twisted Road," which I really liked. The song, by the way, is on the new Neil Young/Crazy Horse album, Psychedelic Pill. I'd highly recommend checking this tune out ASAP.

Other huge highlights for me included "Cinnamon Girl," delivered with typical, unimaginably awesome power. And guess what? I got that video too:

Neil Young Cinnamon Girl

I realize that I'm no professional videographer, but I'm sure you get the idea. Just, wow. At 66, Neil Young is absolutely still at the top of his game musically. His live show is an unforgettable experience!