Rolling Stones fans, rejoice: The band announces four new shows!

Rolling Stones fans, rejoice: The band announces four new shows!

Will a major world tour follow?

For weeks, I've eagerly followed any and all news about the Rolling Stones. And yes, I'd heard rumors that the Stones were planning several shows to mark their 50th anniversary. Guess what? The rumors were true!

Today, the Rolling Stones made it official, announcing plans for four concerts: Two in London and two in New Jersey. Congratulations to anyone who lives in either area. Now, what about the rest of us? Will the Stones announce a bigger tour at some point?

First, let's get to the biggest news of the day in the rock world: After five years away, the Rolling Stones are finally going to return to the stage. The band announced via a video message that they will play two shows at the O2 Arena in London (November 25 and November 29, 2012), followed by two more shows at Newark's Prudential Center (December 13 and December 15, 2012). Here is the official video announcement:

The Rolling Stones Announce Live Shows!

Woo! Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts, y'all! Sorry, I'm really, really excited about these shows, because I suspect that a bigger Rolling Stones 50 and Counting tour is in the works.

All the details on tickets can be found on the official Rolling Stones website. Special pre-sales are happening, and regular on-sale dates will begin on October 19 (for London) and October 26 (for Newark, New Jersey). Here's where I've got a bit of a problem: The Rolling Stones ticket prices, in my opinion, are ridiculously high. I checked the prices via Ticketmaster for the New Jersey shows, and prices range from $95 (the cheapest ticket) to a whopping $750. I'm not kidding, that's exactly what's listed right now. For that price, I'd expect Mick Jagger to serve me refreshments *during the show.*

Does anyone else think the Rolling Stones concert ticket prices are excessive?